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Woods Farm Shop . Springfield Farm . Knoll Lane . Little Hoole . Preston . PR4 4TB . Tel: 01772 614 079

The Finest, Local, Home-Grown Produce.

Knoll Lane . Little Hoole . Preston . PR4 4TB


Tel: 01772 619901



23RD DEC, 6AM-6PM - 24TH DEC, 6AM-1PM

Open Tuesday to Saturday. 8.30am - 5.30pm


Our farm shop is a new build, steel frame structure finished to a high retail standard. We want to supply high quality fresh produce, but also provide it in an environment that's pleasant to shop in. So along with the welcoming smiles we think you'll enjoy the surroundings too!


In-store we have fresh fruit and vegetables, many of which are grown here on our farm. Produce that is not grown is sourced from local suppliers that we have partnered with over many decades to supply the highest quality at a sensible price. Our butchers counter is filled with fresh cuts of beef, pork and poultry. Many of which have been reared here on our very farm and we believe there's nothing quite like knowing where your food comes from!


Other fresh produce comes from home made pastries, cooked meets and a wide selection of preserves and chutneys to compliment the fresh goods in your basket.

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