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Woods Farm Shop . Springfield Farm . Knoll Lane . Little Hoole . Preston . PR4 4TB . Tel: 01772 614 079

The Finest, Local, Home-Grown Produce.

Knoll Lane . Little Hoole . Preston . PR4 4TB


Tel: 01772 619901



23RD DEC, 6AM-6PM - 24TH DEC, 6AM-1PM

Open Tuesday to Saturday. 8.30am - 5.30pm


Fresh Poultry

In our purpose built facility, we produce over 3000 turkeys a year. There are reared from chicks, developed, slaughtered and prepared to an oven ready condition all at our farm in Much Hoole. We have specialised in White, Bronze & Norfolk Black Turkeys for generations and with the ongoing development of the farm, have recently been able to introduced the banner of free range to a selection of turkeys!

Fresh Meat

Following the ongoing success of our turkeys, we have introduced pigs and cows to our live stock. Again, these are reared here on the farm and prepared and sold through the Woods Farm Shop. You don't get much fresher than that!

Fruit & Vegetables

Our farms origins is fruit & vegetables. We have 12 acres of growing space, comprising of open fields and glass houses allowing us to grow a wide variety of produce such as tomatoes, potatoes, beans, carrots, cabbage, cauliflower and many more. These are again sold fresh (complete with soil on many occasions) in our farm shop.

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